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One Piece bowl

One Piece bowl

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One of a kind handmade One Piece themed huge pottery bowl. Are you watching One Piece? I needed so badly to hop on the hype around it right now, because One Piece is my top 1 anime in the World.
I’ve grown together with Monkey D. Luffy, I follow him to became the King of Pirates since I was 12. Now I’m 28 and still watching the anime and still reading the manga, following his journey. This saturday we’ll have the opportunity to watch Gear 5th in animation. The latest episodes were animated like crazy, I’ve rewatched most of them several times, and I want to talk about it so badly. I really needed to paint a huge bowl about the moment when Luffy rides Momonosuke’s back to continue his fight with Kaido in Onigashima, so here’s a few shots of me painting the bowl. I would be honoured if the Ceramic Gods would allow me to fire this bowl until Sunday, so keep my fingers crossed. 🤞🏽 Sorry for my anime talk, but this also a part of me, and I want to celebrate it and share it with you guys! I’m a huge nerd, who would have thought that? 🫣😅

The bowl is made from white clay, painted with Kolibri Underglaze, kiln fired in 980celsius, topped with transparent glaze. The item was made for decorative reasons, but it’s 100% to eat from it.

diameter: 37cm

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