Bianka and Ádám

PARBIART STUDIO is an art and ceramic studio from the Hungarian countryside organized by Bianka Parázs and Ádám Balázs. We together emerges as a couple, and make our art together. Bianka is an illustrator, and self taught ceramic artist, made her degree of animation in MOME, Budapest. Ádám is an archaeologist, and a self taught ceramic artist, had his degree of archaeology in ELTE, Budapest.

The techniques are white clay made in molding shapes, but the first conceptual pieces are hand thrown in pottery wheel, after that we are making the molds for them. All of our items are hand painted with low firing glazes, called Kolibri,and scgraffito technique. Then it bisque fires on 980 celsius, in our kiln. After we coat the ceramics with transparent glaze, and burn them on 1080 celsius, to get the shiny end results. All of the materials are safe to use, eat and drink from. It's microwave and dishwasher safe, but we highly recommend to wash with hands, to keep the brightness of them lasts longer.