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DRAGON espresso coffee cup

DRAGON espresso coffee cup

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As you lift the cup to your lips, the dragon seems to watch over you with a sense of benevolent guardianship, infusing each sip with a touch of magic and mystery. Whether you're starting your day with a jolt of caffeine or winding down with an after-dinner indulgence, this espresso cup transforms the act of drinking into a moment of enchantment and delight.

We suggest this for espresso lovers  : hold 1,5 dl. 

5,5 x 7,8 cm / 140 g 

All of our ceramics are handmade in our small studio in Bakonszeg, Hungary. Made of white clay, painted by hand. Each item is lovingly designed and made by me and my partner from start to finish.

Each piece is unique, regular in shape, the items are perfectly fits together. Easily storaged. The items may have imperfections on the surface or colour and it may not be identical to the one pictured.

Each piece is entirely made by hand, left to dry to a leather hard state, hand painted with engobes and sgraffito, fired twice at 1060celsius for 5 hours in our ceramic kiln. All of our ceramics are food safe, I only use lead free non toxic glazes.

It is dishwasher friendly however I recommend hand washing.

Please be aware that the motifs and the colours may be unique in every item. Thank you for your understanding.

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