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Placenta Bowl

Placenta Bowl

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The idea of the placenta bowl was conceived during the birth of one of my dearest friends. The whole experience was fantastic, it completely changed who I am. It was uplifting and scary at the same time to see the enormous strength that women summon at this time. I could talk about this power for a long time, how I saw it and experienced it - although only from the outside - because I have not yet given birth to a child.
The birth was undisturbed and everything was perfect the way it was, I don't want to criticize it in any way with the story to come. The placenta of the child and his mother was placed in a plastic bag for the first time, because their girlfriends were not allowed to give birth to their first child in their own home, so the Uterus had to travel home with them. So the placenta had to be frozen so that it could be used ritually later. That was all right then and there; but in me, -when the midwives placed the placenta on the bag-, the image flashed through me that I was capable of creating an object worthy of this. For me, this is a clear and powerful call.
The placenta is our first home, the first thing we form together with our mother. There are different traditions and ways of using it, always within a ritual framework, why shouldn't it have a worthy place immediately, just like the baby, as soon as it is born?
I love this raw, wild power that we Women possess. It is an honor that I have been able to experience this in my life, and I hope I will experience it many more times, and I wish that this experience will be given to everyone. I am grateful if others see it as worthy to use the object I made as an aid in those moments when they are doing one of the most beautiful, wildest, most ancient, and most natural things in the world: giving birth.

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