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Earth Snake Jug/Pitcher

Earth Snake Jug/Pitcher

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Earth Snake pitcher, to unleash the power of your tea

Handmade ceramic pitcher made from white clay, with spiral snake pattern. With a capacity of 2 litres, the jug is suitable for serving drinks in winter and summer, as it holds both heat and cold well. With its impressive appearance, it can be a decorative addition to any home!

The spiralling serpent body that surrounds the funnel shape of the jug is decorated with plant motifs throughout, representing the creative power of the Earth. The spiral movement is a symbol of strength and fertility, of eternal cyclicity and infinity. It represents spiritual progress, a symbol of the aspiration towards God. The spiral coiling of the snake is a female symbol, representing the power of fertility. The serpent is often misinterpreted, but there are few ancient animal symbols that can be associated with so many positive, helpful symbols. In ancient cultures it has always been a symbol of vitality, fertility, rebirth, transformation, wisdom, sexuality, healing.

Our products are kiln fired at 960C°, at which point the Hummingbird paint under the coloured glaze is burnt out, and then fired at 1040C° with a transparent glaze. The glazes are non-toxic and therefore safe to eat. The products are primarily decorative. Microwave and dishwasher safe, but we highly suggest to wash by hand.

All our items are unique and handmade, so the reality may differ from the picture, both in colour and form.

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