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DRAGON Ceramic plant pot

DRAGON Ceramic plant pot

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Are you a crazy plant lady? Nevermind- same here! Unleash your plant's inner dragon 🐉 with this hand-painted ceramic pot. Its unique design features incised scraffito details, perfect for adding an urban jungle vibe to your home. (and who doesn't love a good pun? 🌿) We offer you our edgy dragon design pots with plates for your city jungle.

The plant pot is coming with it's plate underneath, because it has a hole in the bottom, to plant your flowers directly into the pot. You can choose from 4 different sizes, depends on your plants roots.

All of our products are handmade in molds, from white clay and bisk fired in 980C°. We paint it with engobes and special glazes to reach this bright, fun colours. We use scraffito technique, and incise back the details of different designs. After the first firing we dip the ceramics in transparent glaze, and fire it in 1040C°.


PLEASE HAVE IN MIND that every piece is carefully hand-crafted and may slightly vary in size from the images and descripton. Also colors may vary due to viewing different monitors.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me with any inquiry or questions,I`d be happy to address any issue!



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