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English cake dish

English cake dish

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Ceramic English Cake Dish to rise and shine

Now, with our hand made english cake dish you can bake artisan cakes that look and taste just as good. This traditional baking tool proves and bakes your cake. Place your dough in this round english cake dish to prove, and it'll rise into a defined shape.

When it's risen, it's ready to be baked in the oven, in the same dish! Made of oven-safe stoneware, it uses a tried-and-tested design. It leaves you with that desirable combination of crisp-and-golden on the outside, and a nice soft crumb on the inside.

DURABLE: this dish is made of strong clay, so it's great for baking enthusiasts and heat resistant to 260°C.


The cake dish is decorated in different styles to match your style. It was made from white clay, kiln fired in 960C°, glazed with transparent glzaed and seconfired in 1040°C, and painted with coloured engobe.

All of our ceramics are handmade so differences may appear.


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